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Celebrating Black History 2022

Dr. Edmond Gordon, Jr.

Dr. Edmond Gordon, Jr.

Had reason to celebrate big in 2021.Celebrating his 100th birthday in 2021 he was also honored by the American Education Research Association that named him the Honorary President in last year. As the founding and emeritus Director of the Teacher’s College’s Institute for Urban & Minority Education he is the first person to have this honor bestowed upon him. Such a recognition highlights his trailblazing research that focus on gaps in the field that negatively impact underserved students of color and low-income students. In addition to his transforming research in the field of education he has served as a mentor to many new educators and researchers in the field of education in the 21st century.

Fanny Jackson Coppin

Fanny Jackson Coppin

“It was just in me” Is how she described her motivation to get an education despite being born a slave in the nation’s capital. She was purchased by her relatives as a little girl but worked as a domestic laborer until she moved on her own at the age of 14. Throughout her life she fought to get whatever education that she could. She became the first black woman to receive her bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College in 1865. Prior to her graduation she served as an inspirational educator and continued to serve as an educator to promote black excellence in black students at the Institute for Colored Youth in Philadelphia.

  • Fact of the Week – Week 2
    Dr. Kizzmekia S. Corbett, 35, lead scientist on the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine team
  • Fact of the Week – Week 3
    Victor J. Glover, Jr., 44, first Black astronaut to live and work at the International Space Station for an extended stay
  • Fact of the Week – Week 4
    Amanda Gorman, 22, youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history
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7th Annual Father and Daughter Extraordinaire Dance

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